"... live separately from the rest of the people in the city"
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Fly Away CHONGie

Coming to you from Sydney Airport!!

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Thanks to the wonders of technology and SAMSUNG I can now update the CHONGLAND blog from Sydney International Airport. (How cool is that!!) Here's my itenerary for those who are interested:

  • 2005/01/17 12:55 PM - Fly from Sydney to Singapore
  • 2005/01/20 13:00 PM - Fly from Singapore to Hong Kong
  • 2005/02/03 ??:?? ?M - Fly from Hong Kong to Sydney via Singapore

Sure enough I'll miss people here. I've tried to catch up with people over the last week, with little success, but of the people I did get to catch up with, and the new people I've met, all the time was enjoyable and, even though I haven't even left yet, I can't wait to get back and catch up again

Expect some more from me in the next few days, unless I can't get to the net by some unfortunate incident.