"... live separately from the rest of the people in the city"
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Singapore, No More

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Howdy guys, I'm in semi-tropical Singapore where the temperature is a warm 30 degrees outside, but about 20(?) degrees inside.

It's been an interesting few days, we've done plenty of touristy things, but the one thing I don't like about tours is Tourists. They all seem to be wanting their own way, want to get there first and see everything first, even though the amount of time is the same.

So we went to Sentosa island which is south of Singapore and went to the Butterfly and Insect Park, Carlsberg Skytower,Underwaterworld, and we saw the Water Show. We also got a city tour and went on the Night Safari.

There's a few things about Singapore which are kinda cool. Most of the buildings are pretty well designed, with Feng Shui in mind. The pedestrian crossings are funny as well. They have a counter on them so you know how long you have left to cross the road. Oh and a bird pooped on my sister in the street, that was real funny, well not for her, but yeah :).

I wanted to pick up some figurines and stuff, but they seemed kinda expensive. I didn't really get any souvenirs here, but there will be plenty of that in Hong Kong.

p.s. the time below is local Singapore time, which is 3 hours behind AEDST, that's what we're in right??

p.p.s. for those that are reading this and aren't on my forums yet, which seems like most of you, get on!!! I haven't had a lot of time to tweak them and contribute myself, but I will be there!!