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Home Sweet Home

Back in the land down-under

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Today is my 3rd (??) day back in Oz and it's lazily good.

I'm still a little jetlagged or time-shifted or something. Hong Kong and Singapore are 3 hours behind Australian time, so I've infact "stepped into the future" somewhat. Hong Kong is especially more noisy than home and I almost even feel like I've gone or am going deaf because there's not much noise at all.

So the people that know me are maybe dying to know what I've done for the last little while so here goes. I've eaten plenty, including about 4 Buffet meals and maybe 6 or 7 Banquets. Went to my cousins (Isabelle) wedding and reception, saw my Nana's "grave" (well it's more like a small shelf on a wall, but you geth the drift), saw my Pop in the nursing home (he devoured 2 slices of Mango cake and a bottle of Mango Nectar, but doesn't seem to remember me. He also sings and is a bit of a clown.), travelled up Victoria Peak and had afternoon tea in a place where my Mum and Dad went on a date (how cute is that??), went to Stanley markets to look at some bargain items, but didn't end up buying much from there. Saw a fair bit of my relatives and family friends and mum's old classmates from like High school including a Millionaire. With this guy, we went for a trip on his "boat" (read bigish yacht) to his fish farm pontoons, went to his Japanese restaurant, visited his wife's preschool, visited his "Office" which seemed more like a house (it is actually bigger than our house) and went to his "Mansion", which is built into the side of a mountain, for dinner, Karaoke and to see his "zoo" which has plenty of birds (including 12? peacocks), dogs and a pig.

Tonight at church we heard about rest with God, and it was both reassuring and alarming. We can trust that if we have the belief and trust in God that we will get final rest with him in the end, but it's not automatic. We need to strive for it. And another good thing is that even if your best friends dissapoint you, Jesus is always there for you. Apart from that it seems that some people from Church have been busy; In the 2 and a half weeks that I was away, 4 couples got engaged!!!

I had a good chat tonight with a friend of mine - Delia. I guess I'm a bit down on being invisible and unnoticed or not respected, but she gave me some light on the things that I believe and how they affect the way that other people see me. I'm going to experiment and try to consciencously believe something different and see how people react.

Now that I'm back (even though I've talked to many a person who didn't even know I was away) I have to "catch up" on things that I've missed out on, like bills and readings.

Well that's a fair bit of reading for you and a long yarn from me. Any thoughts, suggestions, questions, just ask away either via comment or on the forums. Nighty Night