"... live separately from the rest of the people in the city"
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Farewell Crued World (I WISH!!!!!)

Dealing with loss

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On the eve my my quarter century of existance I feel a great sadness, and a bit violated.

You see last night whilst I was at a Wedding Reception in the city, some villan decided to break into my car (which was "valet" parked, and I use the term valet very very loosely) and steal my "friend and companion" iPodius AKA my iPod.

Now know that I'm not a materialistic person and I am getting over my loss. I'm almost as much to blame by leaving it in the car when I should have taken it with me, but alas I am naive. However the fact that someone has gone and taken my property is disturbing and I eagerly await the day when this world that we live in, with all the struggles, crime, and unjustice, is torn down and replaced with God's perfect kingdom.