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Mental musings & multi-personas

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It's been almost 2 weeks since my last post and not a heap has happened, well kind of a lot has happened, but they're mainly just little things that most people would find pretty insignificant. So let me just outline the things I have done, and if any spark any interest at all, there's always the ability to expand in a comment or a post if it's warranted.

  • I celebrated my 25th Birthday. Celebrations were just a bbq and a couple of quiet beers with Geoff and Jase.

  • I went "away" to Crosslands Convention Centre for a St Pauls Weekend Away. We learnt some pretty neato stuff about Psalms, and Slovenia, and I met some people and got to know some others, kind of. (I made the booklet for the weekend and subsequently after including my logo on there people asked me about CHONGLAND and said they would visit.)

  • I did my PTC exam. The unit was New Testament 4. I couldn't seem to get the words out on paper, even though I felt that I knew the stuff

So that's some of the stuff that happened in the last fortnight, but now for things on my mind: I suppose to someone who is a bit more pessimistic or not particularly hopeful (apologies if you fall into the category) what I'm about to describe could somewhat be described as a "quarter-life crisis".

I've been particularly aware of myself in my thinking patterns as well as how other people percieve me and it's rather interesting, since around different people, in different situations it seems that I'm almost a different person. Sure there are some personality traits that remain the same and in tact, which I suppose you could call the core elements of Sam Law, but other traits fly straight out the window, or do a complete 180 degree turn.

So which Sam do you know?? Is he the quiet, somewhat conservative, always agreeing, nice guy, or do you know the one that is outlandish, active, big mouthed, mostly sarcastic jester??

Perhaps you're privilledged enough to have met them both, or even know a combination.

If you've gotten this far in the post (or skipped a lot of nonsense) then you may be wondering why I am questioning myself. I'd say that the number one reason is females and the search to find a companion with whom I may be able to spend my latter years conversing and growing old with. I guess I've always been a fan of girls, but alas have not always been appreciated as a fan (may I refer to one such "stalker" incident). I often catch my mind wandering, you could say, in a state of "cerebral prowing". Ever analysing those that are around me, no matter who they are, where they come from, even whether or not I know them, AND this SCARES me!!!! because I know that I am not like that, even the jester in me would not come down there. I figure myself as a bit of a romantic, but I guess that all remains to be seen.

The other reason that I write this is because I wonder if I am alone in this "multi-persona" sandwich. Do others find that amongst certain people, or at different places, they are different?? If anyone has any answers, comments, observations, don't hesitate to hit that comment button. Enough ranting, especially at this time of night.