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Sick (& Sad)

2 min read

Well, it's almost official; I'm coming down with some viruscoldsorethroat thing and my family just thinks that I'm in a bad mood, if only they read this thing (hey that sounds like a good idea actually).

You know that crisis thing I was talking about not having, I think I may actually be having it, or else all the hype has brought one on. I'm having difficulties working out what my lot in life is at the moment and what I'm supposed to do, and this is affecting my happiness and some of the relationships in my life.

Sure, on the outside I'm still the nice friendly guy that I am most of the time, perhaps a bit more reserved than usual, but inside I'm shrivelling up all emotional and I feel like I just want to vanish and not have to deal with anything at all.

For a lot of people, the hopelessness of not having a job and therefore having limited funding, having few good friends that don't have time for you because they have "better" friends might be enough to put them six foot under, BUT I'm a bit of a trooper, AND I have something that is much much more reliable than the things of this world. I have the Assurance of Jesus that things will get better, and in the end, I will be with him in his Glorious New Jerusalem.

One of the things that I heard last night in the Sermon at church was to continue doing the work of the Lord because it's not in vein. How good is that?!?!

One of the things I'm looking forward to this year (yes I know it's March, but don't you know that everything starts when Uni goes back?!?!) is more bible study. In bible study, I've made a request to go ahead and do Leviticus, which should be interesting, and I'm going ahead with PTC (despite my feeling of failure in NT4) and doing 'Intro to the Bible' which is where you're supposed to start off. And I'm hoping that it'll give me more chances to meet new people and develop relationships with more people from church.

Anyhoo, sleep and liquids are supposed to get me better, so this is me signing off. Holla if you're out there and reading this dribble.