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Weekend Reminise

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The weekend is over, finally...

It's been a pretty big and tiring one, but fun nonetheless. Saturday involved a long trip out to Windsor for THE housewarming of Altamira & Lisa AKA Godzprincess & MerCee. The Lino on underlay was good, could have been bigger and less kiddies would have been better, but you take what you get. In attendance from the IdM arena were Nebster, Son Of Thunder, Whackrhymes & Fleaster. "Ex-pats" there were Zest*One and Kinetic.

I got some good video footage so when I've cut that all up and together, I'll whack it up for yall to see.

Saturday night saw the onslaught that was 2Tribes. Of the Internationals, I managed to see The Prodigy for 1 track (before sound cut out and I didn't bother to wait for the HOUR that it took to get it back on), Luke Chable, Signum, Grandmaster Flash, Dave Seaman, Armand Van Helden, M.I.K.E. Push and Rank 1. Most were pretty good, some were a little unexpected though.

Pick of the night was Dave Seaman with his smooth flowing Progressive and enjoyable antics behind the decks.

Sunday was a day of sleep for the most part and today I laboured again, my hands are really showing it though, and my back is feeling it. But my wallet and the economy is a bit happier.

Well, I'm about ready to hit the sack, so off to make my lunch for tomorrow and pass out in bed. Till Next time!