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Tonight at 9pm, the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) will notify applicants of whether they have been successful in their application to go to uni in the year 2007 via their website, and I am one of them...

I'm pretty excited and nervous about it at the moment.
I've previously been a uni student after I finished college.

I was studying Engineering at the University of Canberra, but it didn't work out for me...
I pretty much got distracted by lifestyle and socialising and this meant I failed a fair bit. I did gain a fair bit of knowledge about life, music, drugs and alcohol though, and I also established a good network of friends.

This time around, if I'm fortunate enough to get in, I think things will go differently.
As much as I think networking and socialising are a very important part of uni and education, getting the knowledge and know-how are much more of a focus for me this time around, especially since the Digital Media degree that I've applied for is something that I have a passion for, something that I look to do in my own time