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Bible Study - Week 3 (Luke 4-6)

Love your enemies.

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After a week away from Bible Study due to the St Pauls AGM we dove back in. We heard from Jack and Katie, getting to know them a bit better.

We read through Luke chapters 4-6 and then got into some discussion.

  • Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who mistreat you.

    This was the major focus of the evening. How does it look in a day to day, how do you apply, does it apply to everyone, are there limitations/exceptions?? It was basically broken down into 2 sides:

    • that these things apply in circumstances of Christian persecution
    • that these things apply all the time

    In the end we had no solid conclusion, but it was important to note that it was better to recognize it as something general rather than specific, and it was possible a hyperbole, tho not something to detract from the importance of the teaching.

  • No doubt you will quote this proverb to me, Physician, heal yourself! What we have heard you did in Capernaum, do here as well in your home town

    What does this mean?? We saw it as a negative comment, writing Jesus off as just the carpenters son, however, it also has similarities to the cross where Jesus is told to save himself.

  • A good person brings out good things from the good treasure of his heart; and an evil person brings forth evil from the evil in his heart. For his mouth speaks from the overflow of his heart.

    A tough one here as it states that no one is good, only Jesus, but then we are a new and good creation after being saved, so there's the option of pre and post conversion.

In summary the 3 chapters cover the gradual rise of Jesus in His ministry; healing and teaching, and facing opposition, all supported by prayer.