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Round 17 - Mighty Kites vs WK

Mighty Kites Soar!!!

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Tonight we went up against WK, a team we beat by 1 point in our last match up; they were still a little bitter over it and were keen to settle the score.

The game started off with Geoff easily winning the tip, sending the ball to Garth, then the ball was slowly taken down and eventually potted. The game progressed slowly with plenty of foul plays coming up, mainly for WK who reached 7 team fouls by the end of the quarter. Although they played a fast running game for the majority of the game, they lacked accuracy and patience. When they did get a good shot off, the height difference showed. As the first half progressed and their team continued to show up, their game seemed to evolve as each player seemed to bring something new to the game. This was hard to overcome, however we pulled away in the end.

With 3 minutes to go, the score was tied up at 24 a piece, the ball moving up and down the court with no baskets due to fouls, turnovers, blocks or missed buckets. Luckily for us, they'd reached 7 fouls and had their 3 point shooter fouled out of the game with 5 fouls. We were in for free throws and took advantage of them. Those points hand in hand with patience on the offense and a quick to move defense resulted in our home stretch to win the game. Final score was 32 vs 26 to us, a better result than last play.

I wasn't able to play this week due to a sprained outer meniscus from last weeks game, I should be back on court in the next couple of weeks though. The team did really well in defense though, so I wasn't really needed. Ethan, Nima, Geoff and James all got blocks in on the smaller asians; one of James' coming on a 2-1 fast break where he was able to to cover the ball carrier and then block the second player after receiving the pass to make the shot. This was then followed up by chasing down the ball and sending it up court for a basket. Amazing play!! The only thing that would have topped it was if Nima was able to complete his drive to the basket, throwing the ball up of the glass and making the tip in, through traffic!!

Next week sees us taking on Xtreme at 8pm. Come on down and cheer us on!! There's plans to also go and watch the new Watchmen movie after the game if you're keen.