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Illusiv Sydney

We run the night. Going from photographer, to location scout, to part of the organising team

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About a month ago, 00JUNZ hit me up on fb, telling me to keep the 19th February free, cause he was running a meet for Illusiv, a group from up in Queensland, and that he wanted me to cover it as the photographer. I'm always up for taking more photos, so I told him no problem, thinking that was that

As things went on, 00JUNZ asked me if I had any ideas on locations, dropping a few that he was thinking about, and hearing my responses on how a few of them were overused, a few have been tried and failed, and a few have unwanted attention problems too.

As a photographer, the biggest want for a night time meet is decent lighting, so that was my main concern, but a secondary one for me in this location hunt was also something new and different. In my involvement with the modified car scene over the last 2 years (roughly), most things happen out west, or south-west; there's little happening (at least publicised) in the north, or the east, so somewhere different was also something i was keen on.

After many suggestions and fb messages, the idea to run the meet at DFO Homebush (in their staff parking section) popped up, and a quick trip and hang out there late one evening showed it to be a fairly decent spot, with areas to put featured cars, along with ample parking for other cars, and it was pretty quiet in general. This then set in motion the logistics of the meet, the invitations, and the people needed to help out.

We thought long and hard about what cars would be good to have featured, how to set them up, the kind of vibe we wanted for the night and what sort of promotions we wanted (both before, during and after).

So I had gone from a photographer covering the event, to a consultant for location, to a part of the organising team, which now consists of Ryan (the founder of Illusiv), Junior, Zoe, and myself.

I'm looking forward to the journey with this team, and looking forward to bringing some more to the Sydney Car scene, and maybe sharing more of the backgrounds to making these things happen.