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Hi, I am SAM LAW. Now Listening To....

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For the last couple of years, I've been making it a habit > tradition to make the first TV that I watch to be Shangri-La (TRAKT | IMDB). It's a great source of inspiration to fuel my creativity, and the artists throughout the four part docu-series traverse a wide range of musical genres. For those who aren't familiar, it looks at Rick Rubin's studio, and how he helps artists along a creative journey.

In the first episode there's this section where artist D.R.A.M. reminisces about Rick first discovering him:

So Rick had this thing going on on Twitter, I don't know if he still does it now, but it's like only 2 tweets. The first one is "Hi, I'm Rick Rubin." The second one is "No playing, Now listening to", and one day, all of a sudden, he just put "Now listening to Get Money by D.R.A.M." and I'm like "Oh my f*cking god" and people be @ing me, like "Yo, you see this?"

I really like this concept, and thought that it would be nice to adopt here. I'm still developing an implementation, but the seeds have been planted and we're well on the way to getting it up and running. Keep an eye (& ear) out!!